Malheur Cave: 43.221111 118.330000

Malheur Cave, 13 miles east of Princeton, is 3,000 feet long, and the height varies from 8 feet near the entrance to a maximum of 20 feet far back in the cave. An underground lake fills the lower end of the cave, and fluctuation can cause the water to raise within 1,000 feet of the entrance.

The Masons, Robert Burns Masonic Lodge No. 97, used this cave extensively for ceremonies and other functions. The curious come on a year-round basic, the kids for fun, the scientists for answers to long-time questions, and the cavers, just to meet or visit an old friend. The Masons own the cave, but have left it open to whoever wishes to cool off on a hot summer day, explore its many wonders and paddle its waters, just as it was done decades ago

After passing under the low, arching entrance, the passage opens to a wide expanse of level dirt floor. The walking passage eventually reaches two rows of wooden beachers used by the Masons. After passing the cement platform, the passage begins to get more muddy and filled with boulders of breakdown from the ceiling. The point where the passage turns to water depends on the time of year and the level of the adjacent reservoir. Beneath the waters is a submerged boat and soon the waters reach to the ceiling of the passage. Divers have plumbed to the end of the cave.